Cincinnati Sports Medicine's Sportsmetrics , the training program scientifically proven to increase jump height and reduce the risk of serious knee injury!

What is Sportsmetrics?

Dr. Frank Noyes and the doctors and researchers at Cincinnati Sports Medicine Research and Education Foundation have been leaders in developing programs to ensure athletes play well and stay well. Sportsmetrics is a scientifically proven, six-week jump training program that incorporates proper stretching, special plyometric exercises and weight training. It focuses on developing overall leg strength as well as improving balance in strength from the front to the back of the thigh. Through specialized progression of jump/plyometric drills, athletes learn proper techniques for jumping and landing ; increase overall leg strength; improve symmetry in right-to-left leg power; and improve vertical jump .

Why is Sportsmetrics training so unique?

Sportsmetrics is not just another plyometric training program. Training proceeds from technique development to performance enhancement with each session building on the previous bout

of training. The  strength  and flexibility  components have  been carefully reviewed for safety and effectiveness. Essential to the success of the athlete is the trainer interaction and feedback throughout the program. Student to trainer ratios are kept at 6 to 1 or better to ensure that each athlete receives individualized recommendations and attention.

What can Sportsmetrics do for me?

Sportsmetrics is the first program scientifically proven to decrease knee injuries in female athletes. Neuromuscular training not only increases muscular power and jump height, but also decreases impact forces at the knee. Sportsmetrics is the program that focuses on the female athlete's needs in training, but Sportsmetrics in not just for females! Males will benefit from developing overall leg strength and perfecting jumping and landing mechanics.

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