Health Insurance and Physical Therapy Services

Find out if your health insurance covers physical therapy services by calling or emailing Progressive Step Rehabilitation to speak with a staff member.

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Your insurance may not require a referral for physical therapy.

Florida law allows patients to directly access physical therapy services without a physician referral. Meaning, you can come to physical therapy without seeing a physician first.

The majority of insurance companies allow payment for direct access therapy care. If you are considering coming to therapy directly please give one of our offices a call and one of our office staff members will verify your insurance benefits.

Physical Therapists are licensed health professionals who are educated at accredited graduate physical therapy programs, at major universities where they receive a Doctrine Degree. They are qualified to examine, evaluate, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate patients with functional limitations, impairments or disabilities. Our therapists receive extensive education and clinic training/continuing education.

We work closely with a network of doctors in our community and our staff will keep them updated about your treatment and progress. It’s important to know that your therapist will refer you to a physician – either your primary care doctor or appropriate specialist – if it is determined that your condition requires further evaluation or testing.

Progressive Step Rehabilitation Is a Participating Provider with the Following Plans:

Your Insurance Not Listed? Call Now

We are participating providers with many other insurance companies, most of which are subsidiaries of larger group plans. If you don’t see you insurance listed above, please call one of our offices and we will let you know if we accept your insurance plan.