Balance Training

For older adults , falls are one of the greatest causes of serious health problems. Studies show that approximately:
  • 5% of falls by older adults result in a fracture
  • 25% of patients over the age of 65 with hip fractures
    die within six months
  • 25% lose significant function
  • 50% experience a decrease in mobility

Entry into the Program

A doctor's referral is required based on increased risk due to age, medical history, medication changes, muscle changes, degenerative joint disease, joint replacement surgery, and/or other clinical findings.

The Program Consists of Two Parts :


Screening determines if you are "at risk" of falling. Screening includes a Biodex balance test, multidirectional reach test, sensory impairment test, and functional testing to include the Berg Balance Scale and the Fullerton Advanced Balance Scale.


The conditioning part of the program is designed to modity the factors causing you to be "at risk." The physical factors are modified with an exercise plan designed just for you. Environmental factors are modified by helping yo to eliminate hazards at home.

Modifying the factors that lead to falls will increase mobility and confidence, both critical to maintaining an independent lifestyle

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